Carpet Beetle Control Greenwich

Carpet Moth Control Greenwich


In Greenwich and surrounding areas we have had numerous reported carpet beetle sightings. Carpet Beetles must be taken seriously. The adult Carpet Beetles are solid black or very dark brown in colour. They are up to 5 mm in length, flat, oval, and very compact. The carpet beetle larvae are up to 8 mm long.

Very long, golden hairs extend from the back of the Carpet Beetle. Carpet Beetle are associated with the spread of anthrax. To locate these bugs in your Greenwich home a tip is to place a flashlight under places with upholstery or furniture and look closely for signs of them, more often than not you will find the skin shedding of the insect rather than the insect itself

We provide you with accurate quotes for our carpet beetle removal service in the Greenwich area. We aim to treat the infestation within 24 hours of you being in contact. Infestation will be treated immediately where possible.


Carpet beetle removal will be carried out by one of our qualified and insured pest controller with insecticide using specialist equipment. Proofing measures will be discussed and can be implemented by the fully trained technician if required

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