In the last few years there has been an increase in the reports of wasp nests in Greenwich, from both the public and from pest control companies. One of the generally accepted reasons behind the higher number of calls outs for wasp nest removals has been the unseasonable weather conditions of late. If spring is warmer than usual, this could cause the wasp queens to come out of hibernation earlier and mean that the number of wasps in the nest multiplies quicker. It is also possible, due to the fact that winters have been later and warmer with only a small cold snap that more queens have survived than they have in previous years. If this is the case we should be in for a right treat this summer, if you’re a pest control technician that is,

The usual months for wasp activity are June to September, but with the longer, warmer summers that we have been seeing of late, wasp nest call outs are starting as early as march and are still being seen and reported well into October and even early November.

During the summer months of the year you are unlikely to get stung by a wasp as they are too busy chasing and catching insects and rearing the baby larval wasps back at the nest. However, during the autumn months of September and October wasps start to feed on fermenting over ripe fruit which leads to wasps becoming drunk (like us on the cider) and they become at their most dangerous. Wasps once drunk on fruit can become very aggressive and as such will be more likely to sting people. (A bit like us on a good night out)

So if the last few years are anything to go by and the weather forecast is to be believed, expect a lot of wasp activity and wasp nests being seen and reported.

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